Regular chimney cleaning and maintenance is a must for any property with a real fireplace, ensuring that it continues to work both safely and efficiently throughout the course of its life. If you possess a chimney on your property simply call us today for a chimney cleaning service you can rely on. We should add, as a note of caution, that failing to keep you chimney in a clean condition can result in not only the obvious consequences of a fire but also a seepage of carbon monoxide into the property which can result in death. Even with your chimney maintained regularly by an experienced chimney sweep we’d still strongly recommend purchasing a carbon monoxide detector, it really could be the best investment you’ll ever make.

At Sooty the Sweep, we provide: 

  • A proper sweep using brushes and rods

  • Visual inspection of fires, stoves and flue
  • Brush vacuum and clean after every sweep
  • Smoke check after every sweep
  • Professional bird nest removals
  • Stove safety inspections
  • Stove servicing, eg, re- roping, fire bricks and fire cement replacements