Your flue and /or stove will first be inspected to make an initial assessment of the state of the fire and flue and to determine the equipment needed to sweep the chimney thoroughly.

The area will then be covered with soot cloths and taped up, to contain the soot as it falls from the chimney. At Sooty The Sweep, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness and strive to ensure that all the soot stays behind the soot cloths, from where it can be vacuumed and removed.

Following the sweep, your flue and /or stove will once again be checked to make sure that there are no defects, which could affect your safety or the effectiveness of your fire.

Finally, we carry out a smoke test to ensure that there is a good draw up the flue. The whole process takes approximately an hour to complete thoroughly. We will not be in and out in 15 to 20 minutes!

Our chimney sweeping services are provided to you by a team of qualified chimney sweeps who are committed to providing you with the utmost in quality and customer care. We have experience in maintaining the chimneys of listed buildings, period properties and even royal palaces, with the same level of attention to detail provided for all of our customers. But, regardless of whether you live in a palace or a relatively modern building, you can rest assured that we treat each and every customer with the same high level of service. Our attention to detail sets the benchmark that other local Kent chimney sweeps aspire to.

The cost of our services is competitive and depend upon the number of chimneys located on your property. We can also provide costs for ongoing contract work as well as the repair of chimneys so contact us today for a chimney sweep cost in Kent, Sussex or Surrey. We’re sure you will find our fees very competitive and we you have used our service agree that we provide excellent value for money.